List of objects in need of restoration is a document in the Hearts of Stone expansion.

After heading downstairs to the Borsodi Brothers' Auction House's vault, this is found on one of the tables in the large room.

Journal Entry

In preparation for the upcoming auction, I hereby certify the receipt of the following items entrusted to me for restoration:
- elven porphyritic statue of Aelirenn, sculpted by an unknown master,
- "Lady Draped with Hung Fox," oil painting from the atelier of Master van der Knoob,
- jadeite statuette of a goosegirl and seven accompanying geese figurines,
- pipe carved of cherry wood with a ceramic stem, certified to have belonged to Nina Fioravanti,
- pinewood trunk ornamented with brass elements, crafted by the workshop of Samson of Ban Ard.
a painting by van Rogh, the pseudonim associated with the work of Lady Iris von Everec
Han van Meegeren

Associated Quest

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