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Little Shop of Dreams is a quest in The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings.


This quest is available after Geralt accepts The Scent of Incense from Vencel Pugg. On his way to the shop to get the recipe, he encounters a group of villagers who are gathered in front of the local incense dealer in Flotsam Town Square.

He speaks to them and one of them, Matilda Szabo, says that the merchant is not selling incense, but a strong drug, and she asks the witcher to stop him.

If Geralt agrees, he must then go and speak with the Herbalist. During that conversation, he has the option to use Axii or intimidation to get either the real recipe or a "similar (fake) recipe".

If Geralt puts him out of business, the villagers give him his "handsome reward": 20 orens.

Journal Entry

In Flotsam's town square, Geralt met some inhabitants protesting against a shopkeeper for selling dubious herbs. As you know, witchers and herbalists always meet aversion, but in this case it turned out a little different. The protester's leader Matilda Szabo, asked Geralt to make the shopkeeper close his business.
Our hero used his diplomatic talents again. The witcher convinced the owner of the shop to close his stinking business then returned to Matilda Szabo to be rewarded for his efforts.
The reward gladdened the eye and loaded the moneybag nicely. Geralt moved along to spread justice and prosperity. All right, he went off to do his job.



  • If you decide that the incense shop must be closed down, remember to ask Vilmos Bartok for the formula for the incense that Vencel Pugg required. You can accept either the real formula or the false.
  • At the dialogue choice tree, select the option "Do you deal drugs" first BEFORE asking about the formula, if Geralt succeeds in the persuade check immediately afterwards, the shop will be closed down and Geralt will automatically ask for the real formula before concluding the conversation.
  • Once that the shop is closed, Bartok will not be available as a merchant any more. Remember to buy from him all formulae desired now (and unavailable elsewhere in Chapter I), before resolving the quest. Missed alchemy formulae may be purchased from Myron or Felicia Cori in Chapter II or Chapter III.
  • If you decide to allow Vilmos to continue selling his incense, the quest will be marked as succeeded, though Matilda Szabo won't be pleased. However, upon completion of mandatory quest At a Crossroads: Vernon Roche or At a Crossroads: Scoia'tael, the quest will fail.



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