Loc Muinne forest is a location by the river near the city of Loc Muinne in The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings. There are bandits and endregas in the area, as well as an Armor of Tir na Lia diagram and a Dearg Ruadhri diagram. There is also a cave inhabited by nekkers and a werewolf, in which one can find Dorian's Diary and the swords Dancer and Deithwen.

Associated Quest

The Witcher 2 Digital Artbook description

The ruins of Loc Muinne are not the sole location for the game's third and final chapter. To accommodate one of the quests, our artists created a mountain forest where alpine trees, flowery glades and moss-covered rocks blend to produce an atmosphere markedly different from that of the woods outside Flotsam. The elven ruins nestled in the forest add variety and are at once a subtle nod to the chapter's main location.


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