Disambig-icon This article is about the bandit in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. For other characters with the same name, see Louis.

Louis was a wanted man in Aedirn sometime prior to 1271.


Prior to King Foltest's death, the witcher Letho decided to hunt down Louis to turn him in for a nice reward, as regular witcher contracts were hard to come by at the time. Louis turned out to be very easy to capture, as he was enjoying himself in the Golden Hanged Man in Hagge just before Letho nabbed him. However, as the two talked to pass the time until the guard post opened up, Louis proved to be a very nice conversationalist and instead Letho let him go.

If Letho was spared: Sometime later in 1272, Louis and Letho met once more in Velen, but this time Letho himself was a wanted man. Louis then suggested that the witcher hide out in the abandoned Reardon Manor to try and escape any bounty hunters looking for him. However, Louis then decided the bounty on Letho was too good to pass up and informed a famous Nilfgaardian bounty hunter, Arnout Vester, on where Letho was hiding for a cut of the reward.

If Ghosts of the Past is completed: Louis, hiding out at a bandit camp in central Velen, was soon approached by Letho with another witcher, Geralt, in tow. He tried to poorly lie about Arnout finding out where Letho was, but soon fessed up before being cut down by the witchers and left to bleed out.

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