Louis de Corentin was a man who, when alive, had married Margot de Corentin and lived in northern Beauclair.


However, the marriage was far from perfect and Margot, fed up with her husband's gwent problem that caused them to continuously lose money, hid some of his cards in her garden, unbeknownst to Louis. Sometime later he went to a gwent tournament in Belhaven, not realizing he didn't have these cards, and ended up being killed because he lacked the coin and cards to make up for him losing.

The bickering between the two was so strong that, when both had died and had their urns placed in his family's tomb in Temple Cemetery, they continued to argue even as ghosts.

By 1275, one of Beauclair's residents, Charles Lanzano, had enough and asked for help in stopping whatever was making all the racket at night in the cemetery so he could get some sleep, not realizing it was a couple ghosts.

If Geralt helps by moving Louis' urn: Geralt, deciding it was best to move Louis' urn, was then asked by Louis that if he was going to be moved, to please place his urn with the gwent club members in a separate part of the cemetery. Once placed, Louis was at peace, now able to take part in gwent in the afterlife.

If Geralt helps by moving Margot's urn: Geralt moved Margot's urn but when he returned for his reward, Louis initially refused to come out. Only when Geralt moved to pick up his urn did Louis appear, admitting he lied about the reward. However, he did remember he had meant to collect a sword from Trentin that he'd won during a game and told Geralt to just mention him and the blacksmith would hand it over. Satisfied with this, Geralt left his urn alone.

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