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Do you see those red roofs at the foot of the mountain? That's Loxia Palace.
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- Fabio Sachs to Ciri, pg.66 Time of Contempt (U.K. Edition)

Loxia is a small palace and the lowest level of Thanedd Island, just below Aretuza. It is a huge reception complex for clients and visitors on the southeastern foot of the mountain, though other visitors to the island see only Loxia and are not permitted access to the other areas.[1]



After the Age of Migration in the 1240s BR, the Aen Seidhe constructed the grand complex atop the rocky island, with the help of magic to lift the heavy stone of which it was built.[1]

Brotherhood Takeover[]

In the late 8th century, after the First Landing of humans, the Brotherhood of Sorcerers took over the palace and began to primarily base their operations from there. Nina Fioravanti, a member of the Brotherhood, used spells to make the palace walls emit a strong aura and block magic interference, which took her nearly a year to complete.[1]

Grand Mage's Conclave[]

In June 1267, due to the upcoming Conclave of Mages, several students taught by Margarita Laux-Antille at Aretuza were given sleeping quarters in Loxia, as their dormitories were needing for the visiting mages.[1]