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[[Category:The Witcher 3 bestiary]]

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Legends claim you can bury a botchling under the family's threshold, perform a ritual and turn it into a lubberkin. That's a sort of, uhh... hob, a guardian spirit that could lead me to your family.
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- Geralt to Phillip Strenger, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

A lubberkin is a friendly household guardian spirit created from a botchling through Aymm Rhoin, an elven naming ritual, during which it is given a proper name and a burial under the hearth of the family estate. A lubberkin looks very similar to a botchling, though the main difference being its ghost-like, glowing, white aura and relatively passive behavior.


  • Depending on one's actions in Family Matters, one can turn the botchling into a lubberkin that Phillip will name Dea.


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