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Lucas Corto was a dwarf, who was part of Yarpen Zigrin's band of mercenaries.


Hunting a Dragon

Lucas was among Yarpen Zigrin's band of mercenaries who joined in joined in on the four team hunt that King Niedamir's commissioned to kill a green dragon that set half a hillside ablaze. Before the hunt could start, there was already had blood between the teams, specifically the dwarves and Reavers. Leader of the dwarves group, Yarpen Zigrin blamed the Reavers for stealing from him, threatening to piss in his gruel to get even.

All four groups decided to settle down on the mountain side, where they roasted a hirikka and feasted. They awakened the following morning to find Eyck missing. Yarpen found him dead by a tree with his pants down and throat slit. Nevertheless, the hunt continued. Yarpen suspected that the Reavers killed Eyck, and so he knew of a short cut across the mountains that he only shared with Geralt, Jaskier, Borch, Tèa and Vèa. Proposing a truce until they reached the next peak. Yarpen, Lucas, Xavier, and Yannick guided Geralt, Jaskier, Yennefer, Borch, Tèa and Vèa to a fairly narrow path lined with wooden boards alongside the mountain. A tight squeeze for anyone larger than that of a dwarf. The board broke beneath Borch's feet and he falls, as does Tèa and Vèa. The only thing preventing them from plummeting to the ground was Geralt holding on to the other end of the chain. Borch told Geralt to let him go. When Geralt refused, Borch let go of the chain, shortly followed by Tèa and Vèa, and the three of them disappeared within the fog as they fell to the ground below.

Yarpen, Lucas, Xavier and Yannick got an early start the following morning. However, Yennefer caught up to them and froze them in place as she passed them by and entered the dragon's lair. Afterward, Borch paid off Yarpen, Lucas, Xavier and Yannick; offering them teeth belonging to the green dragon to take to the king as proof of its demise. And if the king wasn't satisfied, he could expect the body of a dragon to he stopped down upon his royal wedding.[1]


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