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- Madman Lugos' cry, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt
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Madman Lugos, son of Lugos Harelip and jarl of Clan Drummond, had an especially fiery personality, even more so than the typical residents of Skellige. He reigned from Kaer Muire on the southern half of Ard Skellig.

Journal Entry

Though Madman Lugos, jarl of Clan Drummond, was nothing special in terms of size or strength, most men in the isles still stepped aside when they saw him coming. Eternally feuding with his neighbors, Lugos had a reputation for a furious and violent temper and managed to get into shouting matches with even the usually-placid Donar an Hindar.
Yet Lugos' biggest rival was Crach an Craite, whom he accused of stealing part of his domain (which in his reckoning encompassed all of Ard Skellig). The clans' quarrel went back hundreds of years and there was nothing to indicate it would end while these two fierce enemies lived. Lugos hated Crach with a passion dampened only by the laws of Skellige and the disproportionate balance of power between the two clans.
If Cerys or Hjalmar become the next ruler:
Seeing his own son die and Crach an Craite's child take the throne of Skellige proved too much for Lugos to bear. Enraged and embittered, he refused to listen to reason and attacked the witcher, thus picking a fight that could only end one way.

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