Lynch Mob is a secondary quest in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt found near Hangman's Alley. It's important to note that it is not available after A Favor for a Friend is started, as by then the deserter will have been hanged.


Near the Hangman's Alley signpost, you come across a peasant lynch mob preparing to hang a Nilfgaardian deserter. You have the option to walk away or interfere and determine the deserter's fate.

The peasants will not listen to your request for leniency, so you have a choice:

  • Save the deserter by killing the peasants.
  • Leave him to his fate.

If you let the mob hang the deserter you can loot the body and find a letter from his wife in which she says she wishes for him to desert and return home so she won't lose him like she lost her brother and father and so their child will have a father.

If, however, you kill the peasants, the soldier will be grateful and explain how his wife gave birth to a daughter shortly before he had to leave and he now just wants to return home to them. He'll then set out, ending the quest.

Journal entry Edit

Should a soldier be held responsible for the decisions of his commanding officers? Is collective responsibility justice? To us, dear reader, these are rhetorical questions. Geralt, however, often found himself forced to answer them - and quickly. For example, once in Velen he happened across a group of villagers preparing to lynch a captured Nilfgaardian deserter. Not for the first time, the witcher had to decide which was the lesser evil...
The witcher made his decision. He defended the deserter and earned the peasants' ire. They attacked at once, and thus in order to save one man he had to kill many others.

Objectives Edit

  • Kill the peasants.


  • The letter refers to the wife's name as Alveen, the soldier's as Dilvyn, and their child as Beatrys.
  • If you have started the quest A Favor for a Friend, Dilvyn will die before you reach him, and the quest will be inaccessible.
  • If you let the mob hang the deserter, this quest and its journal entry will not appear in the player's logs.