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Mère-Lachaiselongue Cemetery is large cemetery in Toussaint located between Beauclair Port and Francollarts. While the cemetery itself is rather large, with tombstones practically overlapping each other, there's only one crypt here.

Map description[]

At Belgaard Vineyard, a famous act of poisoning once occurred which took the lives of a large gang of bandits who were ransacking the area. The folk charged with cleaning up in the aftermath originally planned to burn the bodies, but one pious soul thought even rotten dung-diddlers such as they deserve better. He thus paid for their bodies to be laid to rest in a small cemetery: Mère-Lachaiselongue. Later, Sir Ramon of Gichon died a martyr's death here while trying to get rid of the bandits' constantly returning wraiths.

List of tombstones[]

Name Tombstone inscription
Anabella and Gwidon de la Tourre Art Patrons

Killed by a poison apple

Andrew Sto'ppa Ducal intermediary

Love of Nilfgaardian spice biscuits

Antoine de Faint-Exuperly Known as the Big Prince


Antonio Ekkles A giant among men

Conveyer of deep thoughts

Arkadius Borovvik Lived to a ripe old age

In fact, he lived so long, he died of boredom

Bartolomeo C'eslycky Comedian

Could make even a dead fish laugh

Bartolomeo Novak Brought smiles to people's faces
Caroleena Staheera "What's the pleasure in slaughtering a weakling? If you wish to draw blood, draw it from a king."
Caroline Nyev'eglovska Believed it was possible to reach a satisfying agreement with anyone. Died while negotiating with a charging fiend.
Charles Pyz'yack Felt 60% was not enough, so he gave 61%. Behold the result.
Cinnga Krez'el Artist and Alchemist

Could kill foes with a single gaze and stop time. Dreamed of traveling to other worlds

Conrrad Tomashckievich Made up stories and bossed people around, when all he ever really wanted in life was to fly
Count Bartollo var Ochmann "The night before keeps knocking, my head weeps from its constant stalking."
Dominique Gonsierovsky Loved accounting tables. That was the death of her.
Gaspar "Daffi" Shymchak Ladies' Man

Enjoyed walking the streets of Beauclair at night, belting out Nilfgaardian ballads

His diction put the most distinguished actors to shame

Gerome la Marten Equerry to the duquessa
Gregor Sadinsky Athlete extraordinaire

Liked to carry great weights, but got a little carried away

Igor von Sar'zynsky Every inch an artist
Jacob de Chamois b. 1186

Neither drank nor smoke, yet still up and died.

Good riddance. May the Prophet Lebioda give him a noogie in the afterlife.

Jacob Voznyackovsky Might not have been the smartest, might not have been the fairest, but he always gave a solid 60%
Jymm Morrisonn Conjuror. Half man, half lizard
Katrine Vladyka The loveliest redheaded creature to ever walk upon Beauclair's soil
Kaytoni Kapustinsky Knew how to brighten up even the cloudiest day

Be Prepared!

Krisof Lippka Musician

Virtuoso in every key

Kritt the Petit Famed host of afternoon salons, where games, bottled cheese and trampolining were the order of the day
Lenna de Manillani Grazia Princess from a far-off land who could force light to bend to her will
Lucas Babb'yel Honorary blood donor. Gave five liters to a vampire, then perished.
Lucas Slyvva Mistook Belhaven for Roggeven

Warped time and space

Lucca Horr'zelsky A "hockeyist."

Skated upon lakes, stopping others from knocking coal into special nets. Froze to death.

Lukas Schepankovsky Died on his own blade while trying to show his knightly brethren his expert swordsmanship
Madeleine Sadd'kovska and Matias Bylsky She a ballerina, he a voltigeur

Partied so hard, they perished from exhaustion

Magdallena Zy'yh Writer

Stabbed to death by a jealous lover

Margaret Stzepcovska Artiste

Died from an overextension of the mandibles, thinking she was a cow

Martin Blah'ha "Told you I was sick."
Martin Mihalsky Mage and artist

Could move mountains

Martin Pshybylovi'ch Composer

In truth it was he who composed "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star"

Martin Yanishevski Master Armorer

Forger of the best plate this side of the Yaruga

Martina Lippins'ka Engineer and pug lover

Solved the most obtuse technical problems in all the duchy with the grace of a ballerina

Mateo G'ollyck The Wizard of Moo'cap Tower
Matiey Pyetrass A sculptor of time and space
Mayo Mayevksy Known as the "Gamer's Gamer"

Told things like they were before it was popular. That's what killed him.

Michael Novakovsky Art patron

Stuck his big nose in everywhere

Monique Glyn'necka One-legged dancer

Rumored to have been a succubus. Yet who's ever seen a succubus with only one hoof?

Natalie Mrooz Duches Ademarta's court sorceress

Granted the wishes of the common folk

Ola Her[sic] lies Ola, mother of Plegmund, taken from us too soon

Protect us, o Lebioda, from the torment of preprodcution![sic]

Pablo O'Hotzky "Do not be sad because of people. They will all die."
Pablo Vilcoss Tilled the fields of Beauclair

Died to the sound of music

Spoke enthusiastic if ungrammatical Nilfgaardian

Paulla "Tekla" Lukievska Alchemist and painter

Discovered a new species of hedgehog, Paulis Teklis

Pavel "Banana" Panasyuk Creator of pumpkinball – a game popular in Angren, in which teams strive to toss pumpkins into baskets
Pavel Sasco A man of small stature and enormous spirit

Was a hearty and fiery dancer. Sadly, he forgot to eat – and perished.

Pavel Svierchynsky Traveler

Loved to come and go

Was killed by the children he abandoned

Peter Kryss'yk Alchemist

Was able to raise the dead

Pierre Montcresson-Melleroy II Bard, cook, ping-pong player
Primislav Staheera So strenuously did he the hill descend, his nap thereafter did never end
Primislavus Voojc'yk Heroic hunter of insects and pests

Spent his whole life exterminating bugs, now he lies in the earth among them

Rafael Yaky A man who would never stoop, not even for peashont groshy
Roberto and Yustinna Malynosky They loved each other to death
Sar'rah Gruemm'er Left home and died
Sebastien Callemby Leader of a hanse noted for its graceful movements

"Pain is fleeting, glory is forever"

Séverin Ervauville Carpenter

"All I need's a sliver, and I can make you a better table than you've ever dreamed of!"

Stanilavus Yust Produced a great deal and died of overproduction
Steeve "Steffy" Kny'bihlie He was supposed to be a killer, but became an artist
Tomash Marhevkin Warrior

Died fighting with word and blade

Urshulla Chapnic Relentless in her pursuit of perfection

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  • This landmark references the very popular Père Lachaise Cemetery in Paris in which are buried some of the greatest artists like Chopin, Molière, Jim Morrison, Oscar Wilde to name few. It is also a pun - "chaise" is French for chair or seat and is a not unfamiliar placename and surname in France, while a "chaise longue" or long chair is a kind of sofa. The pun is extended by replacing Père (Father) with Mère (Mother).
  • One of the tombstones belongs to Jymm Morrisonn, a reference to the famous singer and songwriter Jim Morrison. The inscription on the stone reads "Conjuror. Half man, half lizard", referring to the fact that one of Morrison's nicknames was "The Lizard King".
  • One of the tombstones belongs to Antoine de Faint-Exuperly, a reference to the famous French writer and aviator Antoine de Saint-Exupéry. The inscription reads The Big Prince 1200-1244, which refers to his famous children's book The Little Prince and the date to his actual death at 44 years old.
  • One of the tombstones belongs to Count Bartollo var Ochmann, a possible reference to Wiesław Ochman, a Polish tenor, who also has an in-game wine named after him, Count var Ochmann Shiraz.