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Madame Isabelle was the owner of The Belles of Beauclair brothel in 1275. She started the brothel when she felt she could make a brothel experience more than about sex. In her case, she wanted to create a place not only free from bedbugs, watered down alcohol, and stained sheets, but also a place where the men wanted to hang out even after they finished the deed.

While she's marked with the "innkeep" icon, she doesn't actually sell anything. Rather, she must be talked to first so she can then offer the services of three of her courtesans (costing 20 Oren3.png each).

She's also a gwent player (using the Scoia'tael deck) with her maximum wager set to 50 Oren3.png and, if beaten, gives the Mardroeme card.

Associated Quest[]