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So... I'm Maerlina. Priestess to some, harlot to others.
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- introducing herself

Maerlina owned the Priestess Maerlina's baths in Novigrad introduced in The Witcher: Curse of Crows. To some citizens she is a priestess, to others a harlot with contacts in the upper-classes of the free city. Once she was the first midwife to Adda of Temeria in Vizima and thus was the first to see the young child later return as a striga. She also had an affair with Ostrit and later bore a son, Elid.

The return of the striga then caused the fall of Old manor house meaning she had to care for herself on her own. She was never normal however. She always aged more slowly than the average person, she was able to heal babes or cows and most of all she discovered her ability to hear underground water. Since then, folk saw her as a guide, a reveler of springs and founder of shrines where they would come to heal body and soul.

At the start of the comic, she hires two witchers, Ciri and Geralt, to rid her and the city of another striga that already managed to tear apart an inn, a regiment of the Order of the Flaming Rose, and a private gathering of her friend, a viscount, who also wants the striga to be either killed or cured.


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