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Magne is an assumed land within the Nilfgaardian Empire where the Magne Division hails from. Jan Calveit had served here before he became the emperor.[1]


Magne was incorporated before the reign of Torres var Emreis.[N 1] As a part of the Empire, soldiers of the Magne division were often sent to patrol the Korath desert. During one such patrol the whole unit was ambushed by a group of nomads and the sole soldier to escape was young Jan Calveit who would later become the emperor.[1]


Magnese troops patrolling the border with Korath desert

Magne is located on the eastern border of the Empire, along Tir Tochair and Korath.[1]


Magnese seem to be mostly blond-haired. Men are known to grow short beards and those who serve in the army wear uniforms mixing orange with black and white chequy.[1]


The current emblems are inspired by the Magne Division's uniforms as seen in Gwent: The Witcher Card Game.


  • The existence of Magne as a land is unclear in the novels. Not every Province (and basically none Palatinate) is mentioned by name, while the distance in miles between Yaruga and Alba leaves a vast vacuum of space. The map for CD PROJEKT RED's The Witcher franchise was actually the first to depict Nilfgaard and Northern Realms on one map – but only by stretching provinces having articles on the contemporary wiki (thus lacking ones like Rowan or Winneburg), which disturbed already described distances of sub-Amell provinces. Magne is one of the possible names of these missing Imperial regions due to several other Nilfgaardian forces bearing names either after places or mythological beings. The article above is written assuming that Magne does exist as a province, due to Gwent: The Witcher Card Game informations. However, it is possible as well that in the novels Magne is only a minor place lying in the province not yet mentioned by name.


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  1. Because these lands do not appear in the list of conquests of the Empire in The Witcher Role-Playing Game, it can be assumed that they were incorporated before the Empire was established.