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...misguids and mamunes, which prevent an honest peasant from finding his way home in a drunken stupour...
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- pg.165, The Last Wish (UK edition)

Mamunes are small creatures of the Northern Kingdoms countryside.


Mamunes are said to prevent folk from finding their way home after a night out at the inn, not unlike misguids. Usually not regarded as a massive threat, the commoners of Dol Blathanna in Aedirn,[1] as well as those from Vizima and Velen areas of Temeria, offered witchers coin for protection against them.[2][3]

Mamune glands have hallucinogenic properties and can be used to brew Resonance by Higher Vampires.[4] They are said to gather on the eve of Saovine.[5]


  • In The Witcher, mamunes can be sometimes seen dancing around Geralt but don't interact otherwise.


  • In Slavic Folklore, the mamuna (also called dziwożona) is a female demon who lives in swamps and lakes, and lures travelers (usually married men or pregnant women) into a horrible death. Their name is related to the biblical Mammon, a malicious entity that embodies the concept of greed and gluttony.