Man's Best Friend is an unmarked secondary quest in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

Walkthrough Edit

Along the road northwest of Mulbrydale, you'll find a lone hut with a wild dog outside, trying to get in. Kill it off and, if you don't interact with the door right away, you'll hear children talking inside wondering about you.

Interact with the door and a girl will answer, who'll reveal they haven't had much to eat and are hungry. If you wish, you can ask her more like where are their parents, but she'll reveal they're all essentially alone: orphans or kicked out of their own homes as there were too many mouths to feed. You can then choose to leave or help them.

If you help them (either by giving them food or 25 Oren3) the girl will thank you and give you a few things, notably 10 Tw3 icon xp and the book In Beast's Clothing (which can give the werewolf decoction manuscript and bestiary entries for werewolves and ulfhedinn if you don't have them already) completing the quest.

Journal entry Edit

This quest has no journal entry.

Objectives Edit

This quest has no journal objectives.

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