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Marabella was a teacher at her "School for Tots" in Novigrad in 1272 and one of Dandelion's former pupils.


She and Dandelion started seeing each other but she felt he needed more discipline in his life. At one point in their relationship, she took to calling herself "Anastasia" and Dandelion "Christian"[1] and had him wearing mummer costumes. However, she soon realized their relationship had fizzled when they spent an entire afternoon of him poring over the Illustrated Guide to Fungi until exclaiming that he'd found it and pointed one out in the book, having not paid any attention to her the entire time.

She had a rather unusual interest in horses to the point she wrote poetry with sexual undertones using horse and riding metaphors and one time sent Dandelion fleeing out the window when she pulled out a bit and reins to use during sex.

Dandelion described her in his planner:

Though her cries are divine when behind closed doors,
Standing on stage, her squawks are drowned by snores.

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  1. This is a reference to Fifty Shades of Grey's main characters.