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Margot is a secondary character in The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings. She is the proprietor of the brothel in Flotsam.

Geralt meets her during the execution in the City Square of Flotsam. She mocks Bernard Loredo and his men and in this way helps Geralt to save his friends, Zoltan Chivay and Dandelion. Later on, during the "Hung Over" quest, she recounts to Geralt what happened during the night at the brothel, while Roche's men and he were drunk.

You can commonly find her in the first room on the right after entering the brothel, on the lower level of the inn.

If he loots her room, Geralt also find some notes. It turns out that not only does Margot have suspicions about Síle de Tansarville, but that she is a Scoia'tael collaborator too.

Margot likes to peep at people through a hole in the wall of her lover Derae's room. While this is not a nice habit, it turns out to be very helpful when Geralt looks for Triss, at the end of Chapter I.

If Geralt gives Iorveth his sword in Chapter I during "The Assassins of Kings", Margot later offers him a letter to Iorveth. If he does not return Iorveth's sword, Margot kills herself and you can read her intentions in a farewell letter.

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Journal entry Edit

Margot, the proprietor of the brothel, was a hard-nosed businesswoman, yet she shepherded her flock of girls with almost motherly care.
If Geralt gives Iorveth his sword during "The Assassins of Kings" in Chapter I:
It turned out that Margot was a spy for Iorveth. She decided to use that connection to avenge her lover's death.
If Geralt does not give Iorveth his sword during "The Assassins of Kings" in Chapter I:
Margot had been a spy for Iorveth. Fearing this would come to light after the elven commander was captured, she took her life.

Trivia Edit

  • She wears amulet with Melitele's symbol, but turned upside-down.

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