Margot de Corentin was a woman who, when alive, had married Louis de Corentin and lived in northern Beauclair.


However, the marriage was far from perfect and, fed up with her husband's gwent gambling, hid some of his cards in her garden. The bickering continued though to the point that, when both had died and had their urns placed in her husband's family tomb in Temple Cemetery, they continued to argue even as ghosts.

By 1275, one of Beauclair's residents, Charles Lanzano, had enough and asked for help in stopping whatever was making all the racket at night in the cemetery so he could get some sleep, not realizing it was a couple ghosts.

If Geralt helps by moving Margot's urn: deciding it was best to move Margot's urn, she requested Geralt to take her urn and place it on her mother's grave, as she had gotten along with her mother far more than her husband. Thus, the witcher headed out to the other nearby cemetery in Beauclair and placed her urn there, putting her at peace.

If Geralt helps by moving Louis' urn: glad to finally have some peace, she kept her word and told Geralt where she'd buried her husband's gwent cards.

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