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Margrit or Margret[1] lived in Blackbough in 1272 and was the sister of Hanna and, by extension, sister-in-law to the hunter Niellen.


She was secretly in love with Niellen and at one point even learned he was a werewolf, though this didn't put her off and she continued to be infatuated with him despite that. However, she grew disgruntled when Niellen fell in love with her sister Hanna and ended up marrying her instead.

Feeling her sister wouldn't love Niellen if she learned the truth about her husband, she lured Hanna out to the woods near their village one night when she knew Niellen was in his werewolf form, hoping Hanna would be frightened and leave Niellen. She never got to see Hanna's true reaction though because Niellen accidentally killed Hanna in his werewolf form while in a blind bloodlust mindset.

With Niellen not remembering what happened that night, only Margit knew and she aimed to keep the truth hidden.

If Geralt investigates: Geralt came around and began to investigate into Hanna's disappearance, as Niellen was missing her terribly. Margit gave vague information to the witcher but, nonetheless, Geralt soon found what remained of Hanna. Margrit then approached the witcher, trying to bribe him into not telling Niellen as the hunter would be even more hurt if he learned Hanna was killed by monsters.

If Geralt lies to Niellen: Despite Margrit's attempts to "win" Niellen, he soon left the village and soon after Margrit herself was found dead in the woods, having also been shredded to death.
If Geralt continues to investigate: Geralt had tracked down the werewolf to his liar and just as he went in for the kill Margrit ran in, explaining it was Niellen. She then revealed she was secretly in love with the hunter despite him being a werewolf, but when she revealed she caused Hanna's death, an enraged Niellen turned on her, aiming to get revenge.
If Geralt lets Niellen get his revenge: Margrit met her end in the lair, paying the ultimate price for getting her sister killed.
If Geralt protects Margrit: While Geralt saved Margrit, he had no choice but to kill a vengeful Niellen. Now all alone and her love interest dead as well, Margrit ran off to cry over all that had happened.

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