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"According to an old tale, this potion was first made by dryads from the forest of Brokilon. The formula was obtained by the druids of Maribor Forest, who then passed it on to their brethren in other corners of the world. The formula also reached Kaer Morhen, where the practical-minded witchers began producing the potion using ingredients obtained from monster carcasses."

Maribor Forest significantly increases maximum Endurance; it is predominantly used by witchers trained in the use of Signs. Specifically, it doubles maximum endurance.

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  • Drinking this potion during combat gives very little benefit as it merely raises your maximum Endurance, it is best used before combat.
  • This is called "Marribor Forest" in the Formula list while resting in-game.

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The formula for this potion must be acquired before it can be brewed.

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Maribor Forest considerably boosts Vigor. After consuming it, the witcher tirelessly parries blows and can cast many Signs in a row.
It is, however, a devastating brew that causes minor twitching. It reduces Vitality and the accuracy of special attacks, such as those causing Poisoning, Incineration, or Bleeding. Its side effects can be alleviated by consuming the Wolf and Swallow potions.
Potion causes serious intoxication when imbibed.
This potion is used by witchers who specialize in casting Signs and by those preparing to fight monsters with strong attacks that must be parried.

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Three of these potions can be crafted at any one time and placed in the consumables slot.

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