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Marietta Loredo was Bernard's mother and a fisstech producer in the Flotsam area.


Marietta was just as creepy and perverted as her son, Bernard, being revealed as a deranged hag who manufactured fisstech in the basement of the estate. She also appeared to worship the god Veyopatis and lived in a world of her own, of dark magic and madness.

If Rupert and Gridley are handed over to her: Geralt decided that while the men should be punished for their crimes, instead of handing the over to the Nilfgaardian spirit, he put them in Marietta's "care". It is unclear why she was interested in taking care of the two, however it is suggested she might have been the young woman who escaped from the asylum in the Flotsam forests many years ago.

If Geralt does Roche's path and faces off against Bernard: Eventually though, Marietta met her own demise at the end of Geralt's blade.

Journal Entry

Having met the commandant of Flotsam's town watch, I did not expect his mother to be a charming old lady always prepared to treat her guests to fruit tarts. Yet Geralt's experience with the hag destroyed any illusions I may have still harbored regarding Loredo's family. Marietta proved to be a drug-addled creature living in her own world of madness and hatred. Thus, I think it may be for the better that she is no longer among the living.
To Geralt's surprise, Loredo's mother, Marietta, proved to be the same woman who had taken Rupert and Gridley away earlier. All the pieces of the puzzle thus fell in place, for she was probably the inmate they had mentioned as being the sole survivor of the fire. Since that time Marietta had lived in her own world of madness fueled by narcotic visions. The witcher's blade finally brought her suffering to an end.

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  • One can also watch her preparing the fisstech and hear her sing in Loredo's basement during "Indescent Proposal" if you peek through the windows next to the first guard you sneak by in Loredo's courtyard (after Roche distracts the guard with the crossbow).
  • If you are using a pirated version of the game in all of the sex scenes instead of the right models, you are presented with her model.


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