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Marilka is the daughter of the alderman of Blaviken and his wife Libushe.


Luring Geralt of Rivia

Hired by Stregobor to lure a witcher to him, Marilka approached Geralt of Rivia in a tavern in Blaviken claiming to have payment for the kikimora he killed in a nearby swamp. However, her father would have no need for the creature. Instead, she advised him to speak to a sorcerer named "Master Irion," an alias for Stregobor, who's ostensibly willing to pay for odds and ends he needs for elixirs. Marilka claimed to have sold him her dog when he mysteriously died. Geralt agreed and asked Marilka to take him to the sorcerer. As she guided him to his tower, she asked him numerous questions surrounding the creatures he's hunted. Unlike most, she did not fear Geralt. She even shared with him her desire to be more and see more than Blaviken.

Later, Marilka is held hostage by Renfri, as she intended to slaughter her way through Blaviken until she found Stregobor. Geralt warned Renfri to leave Blaviken, displaying magic as a means to threaten. However, magic had no effect on Renfri, only silver, as with monsters. Renfri then released Marilka and attacked Geralt. After the battle, during which time Geralt was forced to kill Renfri, Stregobor came down to see the destruction left in Renfri's wake. He ordered Marilka to bring him a cart so that they could take her back to the tower for an autopsy. When Geralt objected and held his sword to Stregobor's neck, he realized that Geralt must've been influenced by her magic and directed attention to the men that Geralt had killed. This caused the townspeople, Marilka included, to revolt against Geralt. They threw stones at him until he left, with Marilka herself telling him to leave and never come back.[1]


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