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Marta was a cursed human and the former wife of Jakob Ornstine.


When Marta was ten, she would travel around her village and sell pastries, singing as she went, while being secretly followed by Jakob. As she grew older, Jakob fell in love with her, though she did not feel the same way. However, Marta's father sold her to Jakob for twenty-one silver coins and seven fox skins. Jakob became abusive and would force himself apon her and beat her, and call it love. Eventually she had an affair with a blacksmith named Talton which lasted for three weeks, until they were caught by Jakob, who killed Talton. After that Jakob killed her, right after she cursed him. From then on Jakob told people of another story, in which Marta and Jakob were travelling through a dangerous land, when they encountered a bruxa. While attempting to flee, the bruxa grabbed Marta and cursed her.

Jakob and Marta then stayed connected as she would follow him around Caed Dhu, and would attack all but him, so he started to tell lost travelers not to go in the forest. When Jakob met Geralt of Rivia, the witcher grew anxious seeing Marta on a nearby hill, as Jakob told him that she was a bruxa. They later met her at the House of Glass, where Jakob spent a while trying to find her until they had dinner together, though things were very tense. Later Marta met Geralt and explained her marriage to Jakob together and then killed her old husband in front of the House of Glass.

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