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Marti Södergren (d. 1268) was a sorceress who specialized in healing, as well as aphrodisiacs.[1]


Thanedd Coup

On the last night of June 1267, she traveled to Thanedd Island to attend the Grand Mage's Conclave between the Council and Chapter. During the banquet in Aretuza, she spoke with her friend Sabrina Glevissig about Geralt and Yennefer's relationship, and suggested they sleep with the witcher to spite Yennefer, though Sabrina objected. Later Marti went up to him while Geralt spoke with Keira Metz, though they were quickly dismissed by Yennefer.[2]

The following day, on July 1st, she tried to save Hen Gedymdeith when his heart gave out, but she was too late. Confused and shocked by the events of the coup, she broke into tears after failing to save him and was hit across the face by Sabrina. While still in this state, Geralt found her in a window alcove in the palace, at which point she showed him the shortest route to Garstang. Shortly afterwards, Geralt and Carduin brought back a wounded Dorregaray after he was shot with an arrow by the Scoia'tael, asking Marti if she could heal him. She used healing spells to try and fix his punctured lung, and as Geralt and Carduin left, she stayed behind with Dorregaray when she realized that he could walk and that Carduin couldn't teleport them due to the effects of the portal in Tor Lara.[2]

Battle of Brenna

In March 1268, she participated in the Battle of Brenna, working under Rusty in his field hospital, utilizing her magic as an anesthetic. Shortly after the victory Marti had a casual fling with a free company officer, not realizing this officer treated their relationship too seriously and ended up stabbing her to death out of jealousy when she got involved with a Temerian cavalry captain two weeks after the battle. The officer was hanged for the murder, but Marti's wounds proved to be fatal.[1]

Appearance and personality

She had a colorful reputation, seemingly widely regarded as a seductress and, according to some, a nymphomaniac prone to bouts of hysteria. Unlike many other sorceresses, she lacked an interest in politics and did not serve as a spy.[1]

To compliment her dyed, fiery red hair, she often wore a white skirt and a transparent blouse of white georgette, which had several strategically placed appliqués and embroideries. These appliqués became opaque and then transparent as Marti moved. She had long eyelashes and wore white iguana slippers and a pearl-encrusted tiara to match her skirt.[2]