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Master Armorers is a secondary quest in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.


When Geralt is speaking to Fergus Graem, he can ask about mastercrafted armor. When he does, Yoana - who works the forge with Fergus - tells of the tools of Clan Tordarroch which could be used to create a light and strong armor.

Note: You can also be directed to Fergus by first speaking to the armourer at Hierarch Square and/or at Kaer Trolde keep. Which won't change much but will grant an additional journal entry. However, since you will likely meet Fergus before either of them, then you should not ask him about crafting master tier armour before talking to either of them if you want to get the additional entry.

Geralt is then tasked with retrieving tools from the Clan Tordarroch forge on Undvik Island in Skellige. You will most likely come across it, during The Lord of Undvik, unless you take some detour. The forge will be guarded by an Ice Troll, which is a higher level than the rest on the island, kill it and take the High-quality smithing tools. Now bring them to Fergus, soon Harmon aep Groenekan, will appear and ask Fergus to forge an armor for him too. While negotiating Yoana will reveal that she is the true master armorer and say she is fed up with her status as a "helper". She will ask Geralt to bring her acid to forge an excellent armor, to which he will remark that kikimores and Archgriffins spit acid, Yoana will say that an Archgriffin was spotted nearby. This unlocks Contract: The Griffin from the Highlands which will appear on the notice board.

Upon completion of this contract bring Yoana the Archgriffin acid gland and she will forge her armor. Harmon will appear and ask what is going on? After explaining who the true master is he will demand both armors to be put to the test and Geralt will have to wear the one forged by Yoana. If you inquire how the test will be performed he will say that both will be shot with bolts. If you refuse the quest will fail and Yoana will leave Crow's Perch for good. If you agree the test will be performed and obviously Yoana's armor will be the victor. Harmon will declare that the forge now belongs to Yoana and pay her for the armor, Fergus will decide to leave but Yoana will tell him he can stay only without the charade to which he will agree.

After a day Yoana will create a unique armor for Geralt, and be available to create mastercrafted armors if Geralt has the plans. After you return to claim your reward the quest ends.

Journal Entry[]

Witchers live to kill monsters, and so they place great importance on the weapons and armor they use. Bodily harm is all too common in this profession, so whenever the chance arises to acquire better work clothing, the thinking witcher pounces on it like a cat on a plump mouse.
Such a mouse skittered in front of Geralt's eyes at one point in the form of the dwarf Fergus, an armorer of great renown. The craftsman promised to forge top-notch equipment for our hero, but first he needed the appropriate tools. Geralt thus set out in search of them.

Geralt helps Yoana in testing her armor:

Geralt acquired the tools, but his adventure did not end there. In the meantime he learned Fergus' apprentice was the true master of the forge, and Fergus himself a mere figurehead. Apparently this arrangement came about because they thought no one would believe a woman could possess such talent. It seemed now the fickle apprentice had changed her mind and wished to assume her rightful place in the sun.
In order to prove her talent, she made Geralt do a bit of running around and act as an archer's target in a bizarre ordeal. Luckily, everything worked out and in the end our hero earned the gratitude of a true master armoress, who promised to forge him the best plate in the world.

If Geralt refuses to help Yoana in testing her armour: (quest failure)

Geralt acquired the tools, but in the end no armour would be forged with them. It turned out the real talent in the workshop belonged to Fergus' female understudy, the man himself being a mere figurehead there to assuage people who would never believe a woman could possess such talent. Geralt was asked to assist in proving this talent to all and sundry by acting as a human target of sorts - and this was too much for him. He refused to participate in this risky armor effectiveness trial, and thus the Nilfgaardian officer concluded Yoana was a fraud. After this, she packed up her things and left Velen for good. I hope, in the end, she found some place where they could appreciate her talent.
If Geralt talks to either the armourer at Hierarch Square or Kaer Trolde keep first
During his travels, Geralt dropped by a certain forge and, while making conversation with the proprietor, asked whether the craftsman would be capable of forging equipment requiring the highest level of mastery. The smith shook his head glumly and directed the witcher to Velen - home it was reputed, to a certain Fergus, master among masters and virtuouso of the smithing arts.


  • Ask if Fergus is a master armorer
  • Get blacksmith's tools from Undvik
  • Defeat the troll
  • Bring the tools to Fergus
  • Find a master armorer in Velen
  • Decide if you trust Yoana
  • Get gland acid from an archgriffin
  • Take the gland acid to Yoana
  • Talk to Fergus