Master Marksman is an achievement in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt and requires one to kill 50 human and nonhuman opponents by striking them in the head with a crossbow bolt. As such, this can be a very time consuming achievement.


  • For abilities, get Lightning Reflexes, Anatomical Knowledge, and Steady Shot.
  • For Blood and Wine mutations, Cat Eyes will be great choice
  • If having difficulties, try having a game on a low difficulty setting, making the damage higher and more likely to kill with one shot.
  • If you need to grind, there are several locations where bandits respawn. An easy way to force opponents to respawn is to fast-travel out of the territory and then fast travel back; going from Velen/Novigrad to Skellige or Vizima and then returning will cause enemies to respawn, but traveling fast-traveling within Velen/Novigrad may not.
    • The Devil's Pit is one of the best places to grind for bandits. About 6-10 bandits will respawn when you return to the area. The bandits will get "stuck" pursuing you near the entrance, which allows you to take your time when aiming for the headshot.
    • There is another location just north of White Eagle Fort where 3 bandits will respawn.
    • Just north of Giants' Toes, there is another location where 3 bandits will respawn.
    • Another possible location is Trottheim, depending on the conclusion of the Flesh for Sale quest.
  • Try to aim for the scalp/hair if having difficulties hitting the head.
  • Use Axii or Yrden on an opponent, which will allow you to better aim for a short period of time.
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