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Master Master Master Master! is a secondary quest in the Blood and Wine expansion and involves several scavenger hunts to obtain grandmaster armor from the Cat, Bear, Griffin, Manticore, and Wolf schools.

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

Talk to Lazare Lafargue, he will immediately propose to Geralt the quest to find diagrams for Grandmaster Armor sets. You can discuss more with him on this matter but ultimately you'll need to ask about all 5 witchers from the different schools, with each one unlocking their related quest:

Once you complete one of them you can return to him to complete the quest and he will award you with 500 Oren3.png.

Note: There is no need to complete all the quests before returning to Lazare, you can complete the rest after finishing this quest. However you must complete at least one scavenger hunt in order to complete this quest.

Tips for crafting Grandmaster sets[edit | edit source]

The main problem are the highly expensive materials i.e. Infused slyzard hide and Enriched dimeritium ore. Every set except the non-legendary Manticore School Gear, requires 5 Infused slyzard hides, 4 Enriched dimeritium plates and 5 Enriched dimeritium ingots. Which in total gives 26 pieces of Enriched dimeritium ore, 4 plates require 8 ingots which in turn require 16 units of ore and the remaining 5 ingots require additional 10 units of ore. Thus unless you make pre-preparations you will have to fork over 34000Oren3.png on the materials alone. While it's impossible to remove the costs entirely they can be reduced to around 10000-15000Oren3.png. Fortunately both materials can be crafted from other materials, if you know where to find them. See the articles of each individual material for tips on where to find them:

Materials for crafting Infused slyzard hide:

Materials for crafting Enriched dimeritium ore:

Earning money fast[edit | edit source]

If all else fails it is possible to earn a lot of Oren3.png in a short amount of time, or rather regain all the money that is spent at Lazare while crafting the Grandmaster sets. See Knight for Hire for details.

Journal Entry[edit | edit source]

While in Toussaint, one day Geralt found a notice posted by an armorer. Since to the witcher a good suit is potentially a matter of life or death, and since he had always benefited from working relationships he had struck up with able plate bangers, our hero debated the issue only briefly before resolving to visit the artisan.
Finding a grandmaster armorer borders on being a miracle. The world is full of rumors about elves and dwarves with a thorough mastery of the art of shaping leather and metal. The sad thing is most of these tales contend that all of them have long been dead. Yet as the Good Book sayeth, "Ask, and ye shall be answered. Seek, and ye shall find."
Imagine Geral's delight when he happened on an exceptionally talented armorer, and one eager to work! This man's name was Lafargue, and he had been an apprentice of an elven master of the craft. Lafargue possessed not only the required skills, but he also knew where our witcher might find some lost grandmaster diagrams hailing from five witcher schools.
Geralt made a deal with Lafargue - he promised to find the diagrams, while the craftsman pledged to produce gear for the witcher based on them. For you ought to know that this armorer's greatest dream in life was to produce the most perfect set of witcher gear. Doing so would mean that Lafargue had fulfilled his guild's final requirement and he could thereafter term himself a grandmaster. All Geralt had to do was to find the lost diagrams.
At long last, after numerous trials and tribulations, Geralt managed to assemble all the diagrams from a single witchers' school, diagrams that would allow the armorer to produce a complete set of gear at grandmaster level. Lafargue was consumed by joy. At last he could get to work and fulfill his dream. For he had no doubt he would succeed in creating a wondrous suit of witcher armor worthy of his deceased master.

Objectives[edit | edit source]

  • Ask Lafargue about the contract.
  • Ask Lafargue about all vanished witchers. (5 total)
  • Find all the grandmaster diagrams of one witcher school.
  • Take the diagrams to Lafargue so he can become a grandmaster.