The unnamed brother of Maximilian Borsodi was, alongside his brother, one of two founders of the Borsodi Brothers' Auction House in Novigrad's main square.


Early life

He was born in Redania and had at least one other brother, Maximilian, who was close to him. At the beginning of their career, brothers traded with sheep and horses being able to afford only a shed in the city's outskirts. In forty-two years, however, they managed to rise in wealth so much that their auction house became largest and most reputable in the Northern Realms, located on the main square in an impressive three-story building. They also employed Abner de Navarette.[1]

Later life and death

He lived the rest of his life as a rich and respected man, whose name meant something. Unlike his brother, he never married and thus had no children who could inherit his share. That meant Maximilian's two sons, Horst and Ewald, were the only inheritors of the family fortune.[2]


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