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Queen Meve of Lyria and Rivia and General Ardal aep Dahy talking via megascope

A megascope is a device used for many magical operations including communication and teleportation. It seems to aid or enhance a sorcerer's magical abilities and resembles the "Magic Mirrors" of The Witcher in function.

Síle de Tansarville had one when she was in Flotsam. It was composed of several precisely polished crystals on three stands.

Aep Dearhenna created a prototype megascope that allowed the user to remotely view someone they had a close personal connection to. Cynthia and Adalbert, Nilfgaardian agents, were interested in this for its obvious spying applications. Depending on Geralt's choices in The Secrets of Loc Muinne it is either taken by them or used until it loses power becoming useless. It takes the form of a golden box.

Megascopes can also unleash some dangerous effects if they are tampered with or if something interfers with their initial function. Someone trying to use a megascope for enhanced teleportation must be sure all megascope crystals are flawless otherwise they could either fail to work altogether (at best) or risk the user being ripped apart (at worst), depending of the severity of the flaws. Dimeritium within the proximity of a megascope could cause a crystal to explode when in use since dimeritium can interfere with magic.

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