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Merpeople[3] are a race of intelligent underwater humanoids that inhabit the Great Sea. They appear to wield mysterious power and rule the undersea world with even vodyanoi respecting them. Their language is a sing-song variant of the Elder Speech. It is possible, but not confirmed, that they can summon the dreaded krakens if the need arises.

Merpeople often mistakenly get confused with sirens/nixa: a more vicious type of sea creature. A notable difference though is that sirens have large, bat-like wings while merpeople are far more peaceful and wingless.

Appearance Edit

Mermaids and mermen are a race resembling a half-human (male or female) with fins and a fish's tail in appearance. The females are similar to nymphs and are very beautiful. They are described as having flowing celadon-green hair, light green skin, and long fish tails covered in scales.[4]

Notable merpeople Edit

References Edit

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  2. The Polish language uses "siren" to also mean "merpeople". It was later clarified in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Artbook, in particular the Polish version, that the game's sirens are actually "nixa" and often get mistaken for real sirens (in English: merpeople).
  3. Mermaids in Polish are called "Syrena" or "Panna morska" while mermen are called "Triton".
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