Merten's prayer is a quest item and document in the Blood and Wine expansion.

Associated quest

Journal entry

7 Feainn 1203
Bless me with strength, that I may never falter,
Bless me with grace, that I may never doubt,
Bless me with fortitude of spirit, that I may leave behind the old and embrace the new with courage.
I, Merten, a member of the guild of witchers named after the Manticore, begin this day my pilgrimage – here, in the very cave where, for three and twenty days and three and twenty nights, Lebioda fasted and meditated. I vow to atone for my sins, to walk the path of redemption and rid myself of all that ties me to my old life, so that I may stand proudly among the disciples of the Highest and proclaim myself a new man.
I shall thus now journey to the Temple of Lebioda, to meet with the Great Beggar, a sage who has pondered the pearls of Lebioda more than any else in this sad vale of tears. I shall listen to his counsel and follow his guidance on my road to absolution.


Tw3 quests th700 crypt journal
  • Game files indicate the icon for this document was supposed to be different, but either due to a bug or a coding error, it displays the same icon as Merten's notes. instead.
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