Živko Poriluk

aka Shrek of Angren

  • I live in I live in my swamp in Angren with Vysogota of Corvo and the Crones. I'm hiding them, they are actually not dead.
  • I was born on July 5
  • My occupation is Bard, Ogre formerly, meaning i scared folk from my swamps. And still do sometimes.
  • I am Ogre, male, monster
  • Bio Hello, i'm santa claus your favorite elder! This year i came here to see how you kiddies are holding up. Should i choke you death 2g of coal or give you a nice figure! Of....(drums in the backround) GERALT FIGURE!! You can order more toy like that. Like ciri, yennefer and the mountainous viper letho! See you soon! And happy christmas everyone! HOHOHOHOHO!!
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  • Hi, welcome to Witcher Wiki! Thanks for your edit to the Blood and Wine page.

    If you need help with anything, feel free to contact one of the administrators on their message walls!

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    • Thanks for the greeting. I'm on this wiki for months now i think. But thanks anyways.

      I'm always glad to help people on this wiki, if not by editing then by replying and answering to their posts on the discuss section or the comment section on pages like the Blood and wine one.

      I already played the witcher games for a few times and i know a lot of techniques you can use in them, like the best merchants and that stuff. So i can always help them in the games. I am reading the books now too, currently on the Tower of the swallows. They are great so far, so i will keep reading them. So i will be able to answer even more questions soon.

      This wiki is really helpful for me too. For example when i am reading the books and see a town like Ellander mentioned i can go here and see where on the map it is and see an image of it to give me a idea of its atmosphere and type of buildings. So this wiki helps me to imagine things in the books and to see where certain towns are.

      So thanks for taking care of this site and helping so many people about witcher related things. Have a great day!

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    • You're welcome and always feel free to help us expand, the Witcherverse is getting big beyond our capabilities hahahah! :)

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    • A FANDOM user
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