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  • Greetings to a fellow TV awaiter! Thank you for the input within The Witcher (TV series) article.

    As a long time admirer of the Witcherverse, I'm a bit concerned with the wiki you have created. Wouldn't be better to have the information about showrunners and actors of all Witcher-related media stored in one place? Wikis about Tolkienverse or Planetos suffer because of splitting, as editors tend to stay in one place. (As I can sadly prove with myself as an example; I rarely edited here while working on Gamepedia's Witcher Wiki, now I rarely have time to edit Gamepedia because of improving Fandom's one.) And instead of plenty editors working together on single wiki, there are plenty wikis with a couple of editors per each.

    I can understand some of your possible concerns - this wiki's current graphics reflect The Witcher 3, which may scare potential watchers off, or encourage angry gamers to be angry gamers. I can assure you however that we change the graphics from time to time; I guess we are going to use Netflix background in near future, and as for angry gamers, we try to monitor the comments in real time.

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    • Hmm, an identical creature appears in Gwent: The Witcher Card Game just as "parasite"

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    • Cool. I had just been calling them parasites, so I’ll continue with that. Thanks!

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