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  • I live in the US
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  • I have a screenshot of defeating the Kikimore Queen with Yrden. I could upload it, but if it's unnecessary then I won't. I have no intention of trashing up the articles, so that's why I'm asking.

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  • I consider it quite unfair that my comment was deleted despite not breaking any established rule. I guess it had something to do with racism? I would like to know how anything of what i wrote could be considered racist when it clearly wasn't so in the slighest, as everyone can agree on. But hey, if you can't discuss how is Fringilla is white in the books (accuracy and objectivity being the only reasons why that would be important BTW) then ok i guess.

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    • It's not just you but any comments that remark on skin color have been removed. This is due to a conversation thread awhile back that got out of control at one point and people were making blatant racist remarks and even threats of violence (both of which violate Fandom's Terms of Use). As we'd like to keep article comments on for players to comment on pages but these kinds of comments were threatening that, we've had to closely monitor and remove any that border on skin color remarks so players can continue to converse on other topics. I do apologize about that but please note this isn't a personal thing against you, it's just for us to protect the ability for people to continue to comment on the site (as long as it's not violating the ToU).

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    • Good to know, but i do think the arguments i made were solid enough to be considered. I understand there's some people's emotions at play here with this topic, but objectivity should come first in these type of cases. That is all i have to say.

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  • Why undo the added information to Blue Meteorite? It is really annoying looking up an item when there is no information(link) what it is used for. Unlike the paragraph for Witcher 2 on the same page, where it actually lists things Blue Meteorite is used for. And for some reason it is okay to have that information on Yellow Meteorite ore but not on Blue and Red.

    I went and looked at the pages for Earth, Sun and Moon runes, they also have the information, link, to the relevant page Runeswords.

    So it is inconsistent.

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  • Hey there! How are you?

    My name's Chris and I'm a Fandom Wiki Manager as part of the Movies/TV vertical.

    I am currently redeveloping Netflix Wiki to be the go-to place for all things Netflix. We want to feature all the Netflix Original shows and be the place to go for fans of Netflix to find out about the shows they love.

    The best bit? We are actively encouraging these users to visit other wikis about that content, including this one. Our detailed The Witcher article links to this wiki extensively in the infobox and main article body, encouraging users to find out more about the show.

    For more about how Netflix Wiki operates, please do read our Frequently Asked Questions page and/or ask me.

    We would love to have your help on the wiki! We've made a start on our The Witcher article, but if you see anything else to add then please do! Be sure to add links to this wiki if you need to.

    Do you watch other Netflix shows? We want to feature every Netflix Original and any new articles you could help create would be greatly appreciated. You could even join our Discord server!

    I look forward to hearing from you. :)

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  • For any third parties, this is about a small edit war I had with Mechemik on the Gwent and Henselt articles.

    I'm sorry but your reverts - as a bureaucrat to boot - without giving reasons and marked as "minor" (i.e. nobody reasonable will object) are, I think, exemplary of why Wikis tend to be unwelcoming to newcomers. The biggest irony is that I'm simply editing while logged out. Look in the mirror and imagine if you'd still have objected to my changes if I had done them while logged in.

    At this point I'm not going to bother - have it your way, good luck developing the wiki, but I'm out..

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    • See your IP wall but I'll post it here as well for you in case you didn't see it. Also it doesn't matter if you're logged in or not, all edits are checked over, especially from unfamiliar people. I can also tell that you're not one of our regular editors as your style and edits don't match them, though I have a pretty good idea who you are based on your behavior.

      Regarding edits 1) gwent decks are subjective thus doesn't help to try and say X is best due to players having differen play styles (it'd be like trying to say which witcher armor is best in the game, it all depends on one's style). The spy cards are also already noted in a tip further up on the page. 2) Henselt is already noted that he dies regardless. However, we don't use speculation from other characters unless it's confirmed by the developers or by more "legit" sources in the game. Where there's nothing but speculation (which is pretty rare) a note is added to mark that the information may by incorrect or character bias or moved to notes instead of the bio.

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  • Hi, Mechemik, sorry to bother, wanted to ask whether you (I mean the whole like English wiki 'you') consider Cave trolls from Gwent and Rock trolls from W3 the same species? I mean in W3 there are Cave troll's liver and Cave troll's trophy got from Rock trolls, but the Cave troll on Gwent art is much bigger than an average Rock troll. 

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  • Regarding Armor (statistic). (Why'd FANDOM had to break the talk pages..?)
    "04:43, 21 October 2019‎ Mechemik (wall | contribs)‎ m . . (502 bytes) (-542)"
    "04:39, 21 October 2019‎ Erquint (wall | contribs)‎ . . (1,044 bytes) (+542)‎"
    I added information, you removed it and then gave me a "Counter-productive edit warring". Are you for real now? Want a wiki for your lone self? Judge contributions based exclusively on your own personal opinion? Give snarky remarks instead of reasons?
    "page should be more for information that's not quite so obvious xD"
    What is that supposed to mean? Nothing can ever be assumed to be objectively obvious. You can't really be operating in subjective terms of what's obvious to you and you only! Oh, wait, having the admin privileges now magically makes you the one to decide what is and isn't obvious to me or anyone else, even if I beg to differ in fact... poof! *magic intensifies*

    I tried adding you on Discord to sort this out faster than at a rate of one message per day but instead of accepting you locked the page.
    "(‎[edit=sysop] (indefinite) ‎[move=sysop] (indefinite)))"
    Yeah, let's even throw the 3-edit-rule out of the window — you're the King-God-Emperror now, you can do whatever you want, Wiki doesn't matter.

    It's not a beauty blog, it's a Wiki. It craves information. And it desperately needs more in the malnourished state you're keeping it in. Your apparent lust for power locks community contributions out, taking "community" out of "community wiki".

    I'm mostly venting about how I despise your kind but here are some actual points on the topic of the article if you suddenly decide to believe in your own front about trying to be productive:

    • Out of thousands of games I played (no, I'm not exaggerating), it's quite rare that armor is applied in a flat manner like it does in Witcher 2, because it's usually pretty difficult to balance out a combat system with such approach.
      • Most often armor acts as a non-linear damage-reduction function argument like in Demon's Souls which the CDPR were actually inspired by when designing the combat system in Witcher 2.
      • Armor can also additionally act as a threshold above which you take full attack damage, although that being the case is about as rare as flat damage reduction which seems so "obvious" to you.
      • Then if you get into something like M&B — it gets really complicated.
    • With the above in mind and as a Wikia user at first, I needed to know what armor actually does in Witcher 2 as I was setting out to play it — is it the "obviously" flat, "obviously" non-linear, "obviously" quirky or "obviously" overcomplicated? Which kind of "obvious" is it this time around? I was met with a page barren of any useful information, bearing so little that the wiki won't even hurt if that page was outright removed. (At that point I thought the reason being low traffic for Witcher 2 pages due to old release date, not a tyrannic admin denying any additions.) So I had to go find forum threads where people were actually wondering and discussing this.
    • Then after I learned which flavor of armor math did the developers of this yet another game decided to use, this time as a Wikia editor, I decided to take that information found out there on the Internet and add it to a wiki that so desperately lacks it, to make a useless page actually useful.
    • You reverted the edit with a snarky remark instead of an explanation. I reverted back with another actual explanation. Oh, no no no, a simple peasant shan't dare do what King-God-Emperror does, this mustn't go unpunished! You flipped out, locked the thread against any and all guidelines and "invited me for a nice little chat" on your talk page. I'm gonna go as far as to wager you didn't expect me to show up or berate you even if I did.

    Why am I even wasting time on this like you're gonna listen to reason, while clearly being power-drunk enough to lock an article for a single revert..?

    This whole post is the product of me being sick and tired of dictators and autocrats like you getting ANYWHERE NEAR A COMMUNITY WIKI and immediately ruining it with your clear cranial incompatibility — the full meaning of "collaborative" can never penetrate your skulls! Ever seen flourishing Wikias? It's the ones where the appointed bureaucrat got lost and the actual community develops and moderates articles collaboratively in a sane manner unlike yours. Look at your contributions page — it's reverts all over the place, dwarfing any of your actual productive contributions to this Wikia!

    Your actions reek of power abuse out of personal opinion. You bureaucrat types never cease to disgust me with your disregard for your own "rules" even!

    Here's an excerpt from Witcher Wiki:Administrators (emboldening courtesy of yours truly), even though you're clearly going to ignore it:

    What can administrators not do?

    Administrators should not use their administrator powers to settle editing disputes; for example, to lock a page on a version he or she prefers in an editing dispute that isn't vandalism.
    (End Quote.)

    KingmakerLong live the King-God-Emperror

    To recount:

    • "04:39, 21 October 2019‎ Erquint (wall | contribs)‎ . . (1,044 bytes) (+542)" — no vandalism.
    • "09:51, 21 October 2019‎ Mechemik (wall | contribs)‎ m . . (502 bytes) (-546)‎ . . (Reverted edits by Erquint (talk) to last version by Mechemik)" — edit dispute.
    • "page should be more for information that's not quite so obvious xD" — personal preference.
    • "(‎[edit=sysop] (indefinite) ‎[move=sysop] (indefinite)))" — article locked.

    Bingo! End scene. Cue the curtain...

    I don't even need to invoke the "challenge policies" guideline — I'm in the right and still it doesn't concern you, now does it..?

    Eat me!

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    • Actually, the Gamepedia split, which happened long before my time, was created due to Wikia making a number of changes like ad space, making content page smaller for the ads, etc. However, now that both are owned under the same company again, they're actually looking to combine communities again (you can read more on that though through community central). Also, their table is the same way here (the admins that left here created that page before they left).

      It's reverted because of consistentcy. Sorting by default goes 2 ways for tables: either by alphabetical or by numerical. If a reader clicked on the sorting with those number values, it creates confusion as the words are alphabetical but not sorting as they should alphabetically. Using numbers doesn't help in this case unless you put the physical number in to show why it's sorting that way (but obviously doesn't make sense to do that either as numbers aren't part of the in game information unlike Chapter numbers). In this case, it's better to just leave it alphabetical because 1) it's not that big of table so it can be viewed easily on a screen with scrolling and 2) potency isn't the most important field in the table, but rather equal with the rest (otherwise we'd have sorted by potency instead of... whatever order it is using... actually maybe should just convert that to DPL as well now that I think about it). Also the content summary is there but as we can only type much it's in an abbreviated form.

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    • "not sortable because there's no reason to do so"
      Ever heard of Occam's Razor rule? It fits so perfectly here..!
      Adding the unsortable tag is a pointless action — one that doesn't even bring any value.
      If there's "no reason to" sort that column — nobody will and no "unsortable" tag is needed.
      It hurts no one to leave it sortable. And what if I ACTUALLY WANT TO SORT IT? Why do you just disregard it so casually?
      The only time it makes sense to disable sorting is for broken tables where some rows lack the last column(s).

      "it'd literally just sort by alphabetatical order which isn't helpful there"
      It is helpful and I told you how. I don't think you wanna hear me.
      I just gave you a reason but here we go again...
      Check this out:
      Suppose you wanna make sure you didn't miss any quests in chapter 1 before leaving it. Edit that section, enable sorting, sort by conditions, all automatic ones get lumped together, now instead of checking each row, you can easily skip the lump of guaranteed quests, which you can't miss anyway.

      Would you fight splitting the tables into Primary/Secondary quests?

      "the content summary is there"
      By "contents summary" I meant that little box with anchor links present on most pages with headers.
      The one that says "contents" at the top and summarizes the headers present in the article.
      Not the description.

      "potency isn't the most important field in the table"
      What is then? What am I missing here?

      "it creates confusion"
      That's basically a way of saying 'data-sort-value' tag is useless. I strongly disagree.
      It's an utter pain in the ass looking up that table every SINGLE TIME.

      If you wanted to be objective, grab and ask some random wikia visitors which way to sort makes more sense:

      • Basic → Greater → Lesser
      • Lesser → Basic → Greater

      Do you really think at least a couple of them would prefer the former?
      You seem to have quite singular personal preferences.

      Fine. Be it your way. You want a paiful-to-use wikia, you're clearly going to have yourself one at any cost.
      Having to fight an uphill battle for every single edit means this wikia isn't being allowed to get developed.

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  • Just wanted to say thanks for the work you put into fleshing out this wiki, My OCD playing this game is over 9000 and the several posts you've made have helped me not save scum as much as i used to, So... Just thought I'd say, Thanks! and that I appreciate the work you've done

    - Pikk

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    • No problem, glad to hear you found the pages useful :)

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    • If only the divinity original sins 2 wiki's had one or two of you around, maybe That wiki would be less...empty.. Then again, from what I understand, to submit to them you have to relinquish your rights to your post, essentially you can't post your same comment on any other wikis and its copywrited under the wiki. Pretty cruddy policy. Glad I haven't seen anything like that here. 

      Anyhow, Keep up the great work! Still haven't finished the witcher 3 yet but I know your posts will be a big help! ;)

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  • Why did you reverts my edits??????

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  • My name is Tabernacle aka Marduk universe Lord of the rings and laughing I need help they must be using some kind of poison

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