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"Do you really wish to know?"
Spoilers from the books and/or games to follow!

Message from an Old Friend is a secondary quest in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. The quest itself references people and events from The Witcher.

Walkthrough Edit

Go talk to Marcus T.K. Hodgson inside his bookstore just off Hierarch Square and he'll immediately tell you a red book was left with him years ago to one day be given to the witcher Geralt, but he can't remember where he placed it, so you'll have to look around for it.

There aren't that many books here, and many of them are unique for this quest so feel free to pick them all up to read. However, the one you want is upstairs, just before the third floor stairs, titled My Manifesto - The Life of Jacques de Aldersberg. On picking it up, a letter inside of the book will also automatically be added to the inventory. Once you read this letter the quest will complete, earning 50 Tw3 icon xp and 51 Oren3.

Journal entry Edit

Geralt stopped by a certain Novigrad book merchant whose owner recognized him at once. He said someone had left a book with him a long time ago with instructions to give it to Geralt if he ever got the chance. This naturally piqued the witcher's curiosity. Sadly, the book dealer did not know the book's exact present location, only that it had a red cover and that Geralt should look for it in his stacks of dusty tomes and manuscripts.
Geralt found the book and, inside it, a letter from someone he had once known. Though he gave no outward sign of it, this filled him with touching recollections of old times. To this day I don't know who the old friend was nor what he had written in the letter - and that's a shame, for judging by Geralt's behavior, therein lies a very interesting tale...

Objectives Edit

  • Find a book with a red cover using your Witcher Senses.
  • Read the letter you found inside the book "My Manifesto."

Notes Edit

  • This letter is a reference to Jacques de Aldersberg, the main antagonist of the first game who was speculated to be the grown up Alvin. This letter finally confirmed the theory.
  • Oddly, the book itself isn't red as described by the merchant.