Michael de Noailles was a former Redanian Secretary of State and a notable donor for Oxenfurt Academy.[1] His wife was a lover of Philippa Eilhart.[2]


Secretary of the State

At some point of his life, Count the Noailles became Redania's Secretary of State. After Erik Demartin's death in 1235 he was in "control" over the Secret Service. Under his command the Service lose its vigor, with Novigradian, Koviri, Temerian and Aedirnian intelligences continuously restricting its leeway. The greatest threat was Nilfgaardian Military Intelligence gaining more and more influence in the kingdom. This state of affairs continued up to 1248, when an individual named Sigismund Dijkstra wrote a secret letter to King Vizimir II which included a full raport of the state's current security condition. The same day Michael was imprisoned and degraded to a baron.

Further life

He was eventually released some time later and became a donor for the Academy. His cook Jean-Luc Villon wrote a work about Nilfgaardian culinary customs.[1]



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