The Forces of Skellige is an army hallowed in sea-wolfish traditions. This army has fought against almost every coastal kingdom, such as (most prominently) the Nilfgaardian Empire, Cidaris, Novigrad, Verden and Kerack as mentioned in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt by some of the Clan an Craite warriors, by the Nordlings and Nilfgaardian they're simply called pirates.


Clan tuirseach people

Tuirseach warriors

Skelliger warriors are well known for that they fear almost nothing. They have been attacking and looting the Northern Kingdoms and the Empire for a long time, and because of this, many kings on the Continent greatly fear them.

Skelligers also appeared at the side of the Nordlings during the Wars in a quest to avenge their king (King Eist) and queen (Madron Calanthe), they fought Marndall, Brenna and they even helped the Verdeni guerrilas (with help of Cidarian fleet) banish the Nilfgaardian army group West from Verden where pro-northern king Kistrin started his reign shortly after.


The Skellige fleet, made up exclusively of drakkars, is an essential part of the Islands' military. Lead by the Jarl of Skellige (supreme leader of fleet), they spread havoc from Kerack to coasts of Ebbing and Maecht in Empire of Nilfgaard.
Drakkar workers

However, there is not a large number of ships in the Skellige Fleet like the likes of Redania or Kovir have, but nonetheless their ships are swift and made of exclusive strong and well constructed wood.

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  • In The Tower of the Swallow, the residents and the beliefs of Skellige largely resemble the real-world "Vikings" and Norse mythology, as well as that of the Gaelic, Irish and the Scottish people.