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Millie was the only villager from Honorton that survived the massacre around 1272.


She lived in Honorton with her mother and brother, with the ealdorman also being her uncle, Sobemir. A leshen prowled the woods nearby though, so her uncle put out a contract for it to be killed and a witcher, Gaetan, came along and took care of it. However, Millie heard angry voices from her uncle's hut before the men went to the barn and everything else passed in a blur, with her seeing the witcher cutting down all the villagers, including her uncle, mother, and brother. However, when Gaetan came across Millie he stopped, leaving her be while he killed everyone else. After she saw Gaetan leave, she ran into the barn and found a medallion.

If Geralt investigates: While Geralt investigated the massacre, Millie quickly ran past, afraid of the man with the same odd looking eyes. After calming her down though, Millie revealed everything she'd seen, though she herself wasn't sure why the other witcher didn't kill her. She then gave Geralt the medallion she'd found earlier.

If Geralt doesn't help her further: Sadly, Millie was left on her own and it was unclear what became of her or if she ever made it to Oreton on her own.
If Geralt takes her to Oreton: Geralt soon returned after dealing with Gaetan to see about finding someone to take Millie in. She revealed she had an aunt Lucy in Oreton, so with that Geralt took her to the village. While reluctant as times were tough, Lucy took Millie in, though the young girl hoped Geralt would visit her again in the future.
If Geralt visits again after a few days: Remembering how her mother always told her to thank those who helped her, when Geralt passed through some time later she excitedly called out to him and gave him a small gift as thanks.

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