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Places Monoliths Oth

In The Witcher there are ten strange obelisks, or monoliths, scattered about the swamp outside Vizima. They are covered in illegible markings and are obviously not naturally occurring. They are:

  • Quest Items Sephirot Maalkad Maal'kad
  • Quest Items Sephirot Ghevrath Ghe'vrath
  • Quest Items Sephirot Oth 'Oth
  • Quest Items Sephirot Yesath Y'esath
  • Quest Items Sephirot Veenah Veenah
  • Quest Items Sephirot Tipperath Tipperath
  • Quest Items Sephirot Choccmah Chocc'mah
  • Quest Items Sephirot Nehtza Neh'tza
  • Quest Items Sephirot Kezath Kezath
  • Quest Items Sephirot Kethaar Keth'aar
Map Swamp monoliths

placement of the obelisks

These large stones pulse with magic, but initially their purpose is unknown. This does not last long, however, as Geralt learns more and more about Vizima, its surroundings, its inhabitants, and of course the criminal element. Our hero soon learns that these monoliths, and the correspondingly named sephirot are the key to opening the strange, abandoned Mage's tower.

Note: If you hover your mouse over the red markers on the map to the right, the name of the obelisk will appear.

Associated Quests


  • The distribution of the monoliths on the map resembles to the diagram of the Tree of Life, from which these standing stones are inspired.
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