Morvudd (Nilfgaardian language: enemy) is a powerful fiend who has made its home in the ruined village of Boxholm.

Bestiary entry

Ate only the entrails. Fussy.
– Geralt of Rivia
They say every journey made in the Skellige Isles ends in adventure. And sometimes, that adventure ends in death. Such was the case for a group of adventure-seeking Skelligers who set out in search of treasure in forgotten ruins - which turned out to lie in the hunting grounds of a powerful fiend known as Morvudd.
The witcher knew there was little room for error in a fight with such a creature. A moment of carelessness and the beast could hypnotize him with its third eye, then tear him to shreds while he remained in a trance. Morvudd was a particularly large individual, so one could presume fast attacks would not prove effective against it - and that its blows would kill anyone not protected with heavy armor or the Quen Sign.
Though Morvudd killed the Skellige warriors without much trouble, it proved no match for the witcher. It even tried to save its life by fleeing at one point, but that only delayed its inevitable death by the witcher's silver blade.

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