Aïk, better known as Mozaïk, was a young adept of magic, learning under the watchful eye of Lytta Neyd while in Kerack in 1245. She had smoothly slicked hair.


Her nickname, Mozaïk, came from her first semester at Aretuza, as she bore the marks of skin pigmentation loss on her face. These blemishes were removed after the first semester, like the sorceresses did with all students, but the nickname still stuck to mock her. However, she took a liking to it and it soon lost its demeaning nature.

Geralt had flirted with her on numerous occasions so he could annoy Lytta, which later resulted in Lytta twisting Mozaïk's hand so her palm was facing up out of pure jealousy. After the huge storm that hit Kerack, she chose to stay with Geralt against her mentor's wishes. However, their relationship didn't last long and, after a few weeks, Geralt left, but not before leaving a letter behind for her, asking her to return to her teacher and continue studying magic. With this, she returned and after some ridicule from Lytta, was accepted back.

Despite taking her back, Lytta tried to make use of every opportunity to remind Mozaïk that Geralt had left her, including in front of Geralt's long time lover, Yennefer. However, this was quelled down when Yennefer accidentally revealed what Mozaïk hadn't told her mentor: that Geralt had left behind a letter to her and it was the only reason she came back to Lytta in the first place.


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