A mula or moola[1] is a type of intelligent vampire. Same as bruxae, alps and Higher Vampire it is immune to sun, and can be sometimes mistaken with the previous two.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Edit

Tw3 leaked Mulla

Image used in leaked materials

Mula (or Muleh in the leaked English translation notes) was supposed to appear in the third game during development in 2013 - 2014 but was removed at one point prior to release.[2]

Information from leaked materials Edit

Mula is a higher vampire. It's not afraid of a daylight, but feeds in the night. They take male form.
Mula is a strong opponent and appears alone. It can get invisible for a while, to fool the opponent. It gets behind the victim and tries to suck the blood out.
  • Role in the group: Individual
  • Preferred roles: aggressive - chases the opponent and attacks.
  • Special attacks and actions:
    • Strong attacks - his attacks are slow paced but deal high damage.
    • Drink blood - enabled when a victim is knocked down. He sits nearby the enemy and drink his blood. It restores Mulas health and enables turns on the Blood rage.
    • Blood rage - after drinking blood, Mula enters Blood rage state - his eyes start glowing, his attacks are faster and deal more damage.
    • Mist - Mula can change into mist. It then travels through other creatures and can materialize again in another place. Mula regenerates health in while in mist form. Player can attack Mula with Igni harm him.
    • Jump attack - Mula can jump from a great distance and knockdown his enemies. Player can cast Quen to protect himself from damage but not from the knockdown effect. Player can dodge.
  • Defence:
    • Huge creature - doesn't play every hit animation.
    • Counterattacks - after each hit Mula tries to perform a counterattack.
  • Vital points:
    • Instant kill:
      • Destroying four chambers of Mula's heart - Mula has a huge heart build from four chambers. Player has to destroy each chamber to kill the opponent (cost: 4 points each chamber).
    • Protection: none
    • Critical effect/disable ability:
      • Breaking the fangs - disables the Drink blood ability (cost: 1 point).
      • Piercing front cerebral lobe - disables the Mindtrick ability (cost: 2 points).
      • Cutting ligaments - disables the Jump attack ability (cost: 3 points).
    • Massive damage: none.
  • Immune to: Steel, Axii
  • Vulnerable to: Silver
  • Items related: Potion causing blood toxication that poisons a Vampire, Oil against Vampires

Trivia Edit

  • In the Romani beliefs, a "Mulo" is a vampiric creature, spirit of the dead, who lives in the mountains. The body of a Mulo lacks bones and the middle finger of each hand is missing.

References Edit

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  2. Leaked CD Projekt Red from 2014
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