Mulbrydale is a small village located in the Grayrocks region of northern Velen.[1] Coën and Narsi Sattelbach were both hired here by elder Stakhomir to hunt drowners.[2]

Notable People

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

At one point after Temeria's fall during the third Northern War, the villagers here helped out Vernon Roche's guerilla members.

If An Eye for an Eye is done: Nilfgaardian soldiers, having learned that the villagers had helped the remnants of the crushed Temerian Army, resolved to make them an example to others who might do so by attacking and killing all the villagers. However, they were ultimately stopped by Ves and a reluctant Roche, along with Geralt.

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One of the oldest villages in the region. Owes its name to a certain undereducated botanist who could not discern one kind of tree from another and called them all mulberries.

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