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Apart from the world where most of the action of The Witcher series take place, are several other realities that exist. An infinite number of universes, parallel realities, Spheres and Dimensions were once possible to traverse without much effort – this was however changed during the catastrophic event known as the Conjunction of the Spheres.[1] Some of them mixed while the other vanished forever. Since then, the only known route between the universes has been known as the Spiral. Some of the creatures known to traverse the universes are unicorns – or, rather, what one can perceive as unicorns.[2]

Material Plane[]

The worlds built of matter. Some beings of Elder Blood, like Ciri[2] or the Wild Hunt Navigators[3] are able to traverse them via their innate portal abilities. People of the Continent speculate that the travel is possible in more trivial ways as well, just by crossing vast amounts of space between worlds, but are aware that such travel is impossible at their current magical and technical state of development.[4]

Known worlds[]

Other Planes[]

Do you know that other worlds, different from ours, exist, which the Conjunction of the Spheres cut off access to? Universes, called elemental and para-elemental planes. Inhabited by creatures called demons?

Strange universes inhabited by even stranger creatures are not really accessible to mortal beings but through the arts like Goetia one can summon their inhabitants to the material plane.[1]

Known Planes[]

Known intelligent races[]

Races that known to exist in the Continent are written in bold font.