Muriel "the Delightful", then "Doe-Eyed Muriel" or "Lovely Harlot", and much later "the Impure", was the daughter of Amavet and Countess Anna Kameny, and is Crispin's twin sister.

Biography Edit

Due to how she and her twin brother were conceived, they weren't immediately allowed to inherit the Count title or property from their supposed father, Roger Kameny. Anna and her children ended up going through three trials before her children were allowed to bear the title and inherit Roger's estate. Unlike her brother, she was ok with this and didn't push to be recognized as Amavet's daughter.

Her wealth, combined with her beauty, meant Muriel had no trouble finding a husband, despite the rumors about her being an illegitimate child and, at age 17, she married Robert of Garramone. The couple had two children together, Robert II and Adalia, before she was widowed at 24 years old when Robert was killed during a battle with Aedirn. Later on she married the Count de Ruyter, making her Countess de Ruyter, and the couple had three daughters: Jolanta, Julia, and Joanna. She passed away at 64 years old.[1]

Through her children from her first marriage, she is the great-great-grandmother to both Daniel Etcheverry and Ciri.

Andrzej Sapkowski (Baptism of Fire) Edit

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'Well, Amavet carried the Lara gene, so our experiment went on. For Anna Kameny, who inadvertently caused the death of both her lover and her husband, gave birth to twins while still in mourning. A boy and a girl. Their father must have been Avamet, for the baby girl was a carrier. She was named Muriel.'

'Muriel the Impure?' Sheala de Tancarville asked in astonishment.
'She became that much later.' Francesca smiled. 'At first she was Muriel the Delightful. Indeed she was a sweet, charming child. When she was fourteen they were already calling her Doe-Eyed Muriel. Many men drowned in those eyes. She was finally given in marriage to Robert, Count of Garramone.'

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The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Edit

The Merry Adventures of Muriel the Lovely Harlot, Illustrated Edition entry Edit

On one occasion Muriel went on a journey to see her auntie in Maribor accompanied by her nursemaid. Their path took them through a forest, and in this forest lived a raucous troupe of bandits. This infamous group was led by Flynn Selms, and all the kings men had been unable to bring them to justice. Alas, such was Muriel's great misfortune that these bandits chose to attack her carriage.
Muriel's nursemaid was old, blind and deaf. She did not wake when a tree fell in front of their carriage with a loud thud, nor when the bandits fought a fierce battle against their guardsmen. When Flynn ripped open the carriage door with his muscular arms and stepped inside, Muriel had to deal with the danger herself. "Make our guest comfortable, young lady," the old nursemaid muttered in her sleep. Muriel obediently carried out her instructions.

References Edit

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