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Places Murky Waters village day
Places Murky Waters village

Murky Waters is the village south of the Lakeside, where the fields are golden and life is good. Tobias Hoffman is the chief and mayor, and the village is famous for its prize-winning cow. The spirits are high, and a number of guests has already arrived for the wedding of Alina and Julian.

The local mason, Harn, is working on a bridge with his son, but the work is progressing slowly. The giant centipedes which are a danger at any time and the devourers which surface the moment the sun sets merely add to the stress. Not to mention that at night someone keeps undoing any bridge work that was accomplished during the day.

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The origins of this settlement's depressing name are unknown, for anyone who visits Murky Waters quickly realizes that the ruddy peasants who inhabit its sturdy-looking houses and work in its tidy farmyards are merry and welcoming people. The numerous wreaths of field flowers that shapely peasant girls have hung everywhere indicate an approaching wedding.

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