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Disambig-icon.png This article is about the creature. For the class, see Mutant (class).

Creature labelled simply as Mutant is one of the mutants created by Salamandra.

Journal Bestiary Entry

"It seems that the proposed method of mutation leads nowhere. Fast, agile and aggressive creatures are born as a result of the transformation; however, they lack intelligence. They are closer to animals than men. Of course, that does not mean we will not find any practical use for them. On the contrary, simplified mutating procedures guarantee that we can create many Mutants, which are perfect tools for spreading chaos and terror."




Developer CD Projekt's characterization of the mutant taken from the monsterbook, which was enclosed with the Collectors Edition of the computer game "The Witcher" for Poland, Hungary and the Czech Republic:

A fast, agile, and cunning opponent — such is the mutant, a result of the first series of experiments conducted on humans by the Order of the Flaming Rose. It is not yet a perfect weapon, but the mutant provides excellent support to the Order's heavily armoured forces.

For the Order, this creature is a sort of test, a prelude to the proper experiment that leads to the creation of the perfect warrior. This monster had to look like an abortive prototype. The exposed bones of the chest, missing skin, and strongly deformed face suggest that the experimenters did not have full control of the deformations. Bony crests on the beast's back, head and forearms indicate that the genes of a monster were used in the mutation. The detailed sketch depicts the mutant's head, its muscle layers in disarray after shrinking, tearing, and shifting during the mutation.

The creature's feet are an intriguing anatomical detail. They are, in fact, another pair of hands that render the mutant similar to a monkey. With four hands, the mutant easily climbs trees and jumps from limb to limb in a bid to escape or to await its foes in ambush.