Mykolas Climan was a Kovirian magnate from somewhere under the Koviri mountains.


Once, during Midwinter, Mykolas posted a rich contract on a phoenix which had been "haunting" the surrounding mountains. Soon enough, great bounty hunters and swashbucklers descended on Kovir, names like Djenge Frett or the witcher Geralt of Rivia,[1] who had until then fundamentally believed phoenixes don't exist.[2]

The hidden truth, which Geralt discovered while on the creature's pursuit in mountains full of giants and trolls, was that Mykolas Climan posted the notice for a trivial reason; to present his wife with a dress adorned with the beast's feathers for Midinvaerne celebrations. As Geralt had sworn never to harm sentient creatures that were no threat to humans, he sided with the avian that had been brought down and a brief brawl took place between the hunters. Geralt managed to save the phoenix, the bird bowed its head in a gesture of gratitude and then flew off. Climan, desperate, gave his wife a note redeemable at any jeweler's shop in Lan Exeter, which contented her immensely.[1]


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