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Myrgtabrakke was a green female dragon and mate of the golden dragon Villentretenmerth. She was the target of the famous hunt for a dragon.


Not much is known about early life of this dragon. She was active during the beginning of the 13th century. Around that time, she mated with Villentretenmerth, a golden dragon. After the mating process, he left her for the entire gestation period.

The dragon began her search for an optimal place for her nest. She found it in the city of Barefield, within the kingdom of Caingorn. It did not however take a long time before she was noticed by local villagers. They could not accept a dragon in their midst, so they decided to hunt it down. A certain individual named Sheepbagger prepared a poisonous mixture of hellebore, belladonna, hemlock, sulfur, pitch and tacks and he stuffed a dead sheep with it. Myrgtabrakke took the bait and devoured the sheep whole in one bite. She then tried to fly off but could not. Instead she fell to the ground barely alive.

Two of the villagers went closer to find out if the dragon was indeed dead. She killed them immediately but she was so weak, that she was only able to lick their blood. After a while, she attempted to fly again but she was simply too weak. Eventually, she limped away, clearly suffering. The locals saw that they managed to gravely wound the lizard yet that was not enough for them as they wanted the dragon dead.

Soon, a whole group of various hunters assembled to finish the deed and kill the dragon. Among them was King Niedamir, the knight Eyck of Denesle, Boholt and his Crinfrid Reavers, Yarpen Zigrin with his company and later the sorceress Yennefer of Vengerberg, the witcher Geralt of Rivia, the bard Dandelion, the sorcerer Dorregaray and last, the knight Borch Three Jackdaws with his company of two Zerrikanian women. Each of them had a different reason why to join the hunt and they soon reached the nesting place Myrgtabrakke retreated to.

She would be killed for sure if not for an intervention of her mate, Villentretenmerth, who stood between her, the newly born hatchling and the attackers. The golden dragon was ultimately victorious and repelled the attacking forces, saving both his mate, and his offspring. After the fight he revealed, that he and Borch are one and the same. He took the little hatchling and flew off. Myrgtabrakke was left on her own but no longer in any danger.[1]

Myrgtabrakke went into hiding. Preferring solitude over the company of other dragons or the presence of settlements. She would nevertheless keep watch over her daughter. Who was given the name Saesenthessis, although humans and non-humans called her Saskia. She never interfered in her daughters life, but ensured she was never truly alone.[2]

Gwent: The Witcher Card Game[]

Season of the Draconid: Myrgtabrakke reward tree[]

Scroll 1: Myrgtabrakke belonged to the most common variety of dragons. The green ones. Unfortunately, due to the similar coloration of the scales, they are notoriously mistaken for slyzards. Despite the species' name, they often appear to be greenish gray, or grayish green, similar to that of the lesser draconids. As a result, these intelligent reptiles are more actively hunted than any other type of dragon.
Scroll 2: One of the most famous hunts in the history of the North concerned Myrgtabrakke herself, with the event owing its fame to the legendary hunting party. Led by Niedamir, King of Caingorn, its participants⁠, not counting almost half of Barefield's residents⁠, comprised Yarpen Zigrin and his company of dwarves, Boholt and his Crinfrid Reavers, Eyck of Denesle, mages Dorregaray of Vole and Yennefer of Vengerberg, witcher Geralt of Rivia with his friend Dandelion, and finally, the knight Borch Three Jackdaws, known also by another name... A dragon's name.
Scroll 3: So while most of the party pursued the wounded Myrgtabrakke for various compensations, the witcher and the knight took part in the hunt for quite different reasons. Geralt, unable to escape the bond between him and the sorceress, found himself once again⁠, and not for the last time⁠⁠, following Yennefer. Meanwhile, Villentretenmerth, using the name Borch Three Jackdaws among humans, joined the famous ensemble for one reason, and one reason alone: to save Myrgtabrakke.
Scroll 4: When the hunters finally reached the cave where Myrgtabrakke was hiding, it came to light why the dragon didn't just scurry away, easily escaping her imminent slaughter. She would not abandon her egg and leave the precious life within at the mercy of the self-proclaimed monster slayers⁠, brazen hunters who cared not if the creature was actually intelligent. Fortunately, witchers still had their "code", and Geralt of Rivia helped Villentretenmerth save the green dragon and her offspring. As for the other party members... Well, instead of treasure and prestige, they only found their bloodlust repaid in kind.
Chest : After a great and successfully unsuccessful hunt, Myrgtabrakke gave her barely hatched daughter to Villentretenmerth, in return for the rescue and for her own safety⁠, a "Dragon of Surprise", one could say. Later, Myrg went into hiding far away from human settlements, and away from any other dragon. Away from everything. She had always been a loner, and her clash with the hunting party of King Niedamir⁠, especially with Barefield's loud rabble⁠, only confirmed that she preferred solitude to the company of others. Nonetheless, Myrgtabrakke kept a watchful eye on her daughter. She usually did this out of sight, because Saesenthessis, known as Saskia by common folk, for some incomprehensible reason, was interested in both human and non-human matters. Myrgtabrakke, although she was unable to quite understand, never interfered in her daughter's curious affairs, nor ever tried to stop her. But she watched. Always. Ensuring that Saesenthessis was never, ever truly alone.


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